Episode 8: Normal Is Boring

Are you choosing what’s true for you? 

Today, Susanna Mittermaier joins Brendon to talk about pragmatic psychology. 

Listen to learn how you can follow the navigation system of your own knowing and choose what’s light and true for you and access a level of freedom you’ve never known possible. 

On today’s podcast:

  • A different perspective on psychology
  • The choice factor
  • Pragmatic, not dramatic
  • The pain of not choosing what’s true for you
  • Your knowing is a great navigation system


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A different perspective on psychology

When Susanna Mittermaier studied psychology and was working in mental health with psychotherapy, she always knew there was something else available, and all she had to do was find it. 

She didn’t ask “what else is possible” with words, but she asked it somewhere in her...

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