Episode 8: Normal Is Boring

Are you choosing what’s true for you? 

Today, Susanna Mittermaier joins Brendon to talk about pragmatic psychology. 

Listen to learn how you can follow the navigation system of your own knowing and choose what’s light and true for you and access a level of freedom you’ve never known possible. 

On today’s podcast:

  • A different perspective on psychology
  • The choice factor
  • Pragmatic, not dramatic
  • The pain of not choosing what’s true for you
  • Your knowing is a great navigation system


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A different perspective on psychology

When Susanna Mittermaier studied psychology and was working in mental health with psychotherapy, she always knew there was something else available, and all she had to do was find it. 

She didn’t ask “what else is possible” with words, but she asked it somewhere in her world, because she looked at her patients, and the traditional point of view was that there was something wrong with them that needed to be fixed by understanding what was going on, but that perspective never changed as much as she knew could be possible.  

When she found Access Consciousness, that was the first time she had this different perspective that we already know and are everything, all we have to do is get access to it, and that for the first time made total sense. 

The choice factor

What’s different about pragmatic psychology and the Access Consciousness tools is the choice factor. In this reality we’re taught that we’re not supposed to have choice. We’re taught that our past determines our future, but that’s not true. 

This reality’s perspective is always wrongness; it’s never choice. 

But this different perspective of empowering people to know what they know and that they know, that for her is what psychology is supposed to be and what it was from the beginning. 

Pragmatic, not dramatic

Pragmatic means doing what works. This reality has taught us to be dramatic, to look at what’s wrong and why. But Access is about creating a freedom to be you and have you in a way that’s so different. 

Trying to be normal when you’re actually different is not pragmatic. We’ve all tried to fit in; it doesn’t work. There’s nothing wrong with being different, and we empower people to understand this by being ourselves. 

We’re so used to making judgements real, trying to fit in, and having the small life that others want us to have. But being you and being the difference that you be and not making judgements real empowers others to do the same. 

The pain of not choosing what’s true for you

If you don’t choose what’s true for you, it hurts. We think it’s easier to fit in and do what other people want us to do, live the life our culture, parents, and families want us to live, and we create something we’re not happy with. This is the pain of not choosing. 

We think that’s easier than choosing what we know, but it’s so much easier to choose according to what you know. You can have a level of freedom available that’s not normal but that’s available to all of us. 

We have not been taught to choose, but we do have choice, we just have to acknowledge that’s true. 

Your knowing is a great navigation system 

What’s true for you? Your knowing is such a great navigation system through anything. We hear so much about what’s right and what’s wrong and how we’re supposed to see the world, and we get confused and think we don’t know anymore what we know, but we do know. 

You can always just ask yourself what is true for you and if it feels light it’s true, and if it feels heavy, it's not true. The path of lightness shows you where you can go next. It’s such a great GPS. 

This is a simple tool, and it’s easier than it sounds. It’s so easy to get caught up listening to other people’s points of view and then doubt comes in, but using this tool is about feeling when something in your world relaxes, creates space, and creates your future. 

To practice the tool, you can look back at situations where you knew in the moment what was light and you either chose it or didn’t choose it, and what did that create?


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