Episode 28: Clarity With Money with Shannon O'Hara

What would you like your reality with money to be? 

Shannon and Brendon share their realizations, tools, awarenesses, and choices they’ve made on their journeys with money. 

Listen to learn how to choose something different with money and get the courage to be the chooser and creator of your life. 

On today’s podcast:

  • What’s your point of view about money? 
  • Delusional about money 
  • Your reality with money 
  • Taking money out of the equation 
  • Do you want clarity with money? 


Click here to download the show summary for the One Choice From Change podcast with Brendon Watt.

What’s your point of view about money?

Brendon and Shannon both have a similar story and journey with money. They both built themselves up from being in debt and having no money to having money with the tools of Access. 

The turning point for Brendon was not long after he started...

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