Episode 36: How Do I Create A Universe Of Choice?

How do you begin the universe of choice?

Brendon shares an excerpt from his class on choice. 

Listen to learn how to stop doing things from the point of view of “right and wrong” and start getting the awareness and possibilities of the universe of choice.

On today’s podcast:

  • Choice creates
  • Stop eliminating choice
  • One choice does not create one result
  • Awareness from choice
  • What’s true for you?
  • Getting out of judgement


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Choice creates

How do you begin the universe of choice?

The first thing is you have to choose it. But how do you choose? Do you have to get it right before you choose it in order to choose it?

Everything that’s going on in your life today is based on every single choice you’ve made. Everything up until right now you’ve created...

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