Episode 36: How Do I Create A Universe Of Choice?

How do you begin the universe of choice?

Brendon shares an excerpt from his class on choice. 

Listen to learn how to stop doing things from the point of view of “right and wrong” and start getting the awareness and possibilities of the universe of choice.

On today’s podcast:

  • Choice creates
  • Stop eliminating choice
  • One choice does not create one result
  • Awareness from choice
  • What’s true for you?
  • Getting out of judgement


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Choice creates

How do you begin the universe of choice?

The first thing is you have to choose it. But how do you choose? Do you have to get it right before you choose it in order to choose it?

Everything that’s going on in your life today is based on every single choice you’ve made. Everything up until right now you’ve created based on every single choice you’ve made. 

Before you can get to that place where you’re willing to step into the universe of choice you have to recognize that choice creates. 

Stop eliminating choice

The thing with choice is there is nothing you cannot create in your life if you’re willing to see that the choices you make create it. 

But what we have to get out of is that we have to get our choices right and we cannot be wrong in order to choose. 

Every time you decide you have to be right and cannot be wrong before you choose, you actually eliminate choice. 

So everything you’re doing to eliminate the choices you could be making based on the judgement of you you have before you make them, will you destroy and uncreate it? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. (TheClearingStatement.com)

One choice does not create one result

What we do with this right and wrong thing is we look for the result our choices are going to create. We ask, if I choose this, what is it going to turn out like?

We’re already looking into the future of our choice based on the idea that we have an idea that our choice is going to create what we’ve decided it’s going to create. 

It’s not. 

We’ve already come to a decision. We’ve already eliminated choice. 

The universe of choice has no direction to it. It has no line between choice and creation. There’s no definition between the two. The universe of choice is everything outside of it that can contribute to that choice. 

Every single choice you make opens up the doors to many possibilities. One choice does not create one result. 

Awareness from choice

Look at one thing in your life right now that you’ve decided you cannot choose based on the wrongness of it. 

How many of you are making a choice in your life right now because it’s right while knowing it’s not the choice that’s true for you?

It’s not wrong. It’s the secrets we keep from ourselves with the choices that we will not expose to us that keep us stuck from choosing, because we’ve already gone into the judgement of our choices rather than the question of it.

What wrong choice could you make right now that would give you more awareness than the right choice you’re making?

What’s true for you?

What wrong choice could you be making right now that could give you more awareness of what’s true for you than the right choice you’re trying to make?

How many of you have ever been asked what’s true for you? How many of you have ever asked yourself what’s true for you? 

Have you ever asked, if I was choosing my reality right now, if I was choosing what’s true for me right now, what would I choose? Would I choose this? 

Getting out of judgement

How many of you have judged yourself in every choice you’ve made your whole life?

If we could get out of the judgement of the choices we make, what universe of choice would we have available? 

What universe of choice would YOU have available? Not even “we.” Looking at choice from a “we” place is where we also go into the judgement of how this choice affects other people rather than how the choice can include everybody.


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