Episode 30: What Is Fear? with Shannon O'Hara

Can you imagine your life without fear? 

Shannon O’Hara and Brendon discuss one of the many distractor implants: fear. 

Listen to learn that fear isn’t what you think it is, and recognize how much easier would your life be if fear wasn’t a reality for you. 

On today’s podcast:

  • It’s a lie
  • A distractor implant
  • The story of fear
  • What if fear wasn’t a reality for you? 
  • What is this choice going to create?


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It’s a lie

What is fear? In one word, it’s a lie. 

For Brendon, growing up, fear was something that was either used to control him, or he would have the point of view that he couldn’t do things because they were fearful. 

But every time those moments came up, it was more that they were just uncomfortable. He didn’t let fear stop him, he...

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