Episode 5: The Long Game With Choice

What one choice can you make today to start creating your future?

Today, Shannon O’Hara joins Brendon to talk about one choice she made that changed the direction of her life.

Listen to learn how you can stop being afraid of choosing, jump off the cliff of choice, and start creating awareness and a future beyond what you thought possible.

On today’s podcast:

  • A choice that saved her life
  • What choice can you make right now?
  • Choices that destroy or create your future
  • Choice creates awareness
  • Standing at the cliff of choice
  • Learning to choose


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A choice that saved her life

Shannon O’Hara was 19 when she called her father, Gary Douglas, who is the founder of Access Consciousness, and made one choice that changed the entire direction of her life.

Gary had started Access when she was 12, and she hadn’t really wanted anything to do...

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