Episode 37: Showing up in the Moment with Marnie Barranco

Are you making life decisions based on what is right and wrong?


Listen to Brendon and guest, Marnie Barranco, discuss how choosing based on right and wrong can be hindering your life.

On today’s podcast:

  • Start trusting yourself
  • Get out of whether a choice is right or wrong
  • Choice is a gift we haven’t been taught to use
  • Stop putting choice on autopilot
  • You can’t trust yourself with judgement in place
  • Become aware of what you’re choosing

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Start trusting yourself

If you trust yourself, then you know that every choice you make is going to make something different.

There is no prediction of the future based on the past, there’s only prediction based on awareness. Realize that using the past in order to create your choices isn’t the only way to predict the future.

Once you know you have a choice, you can create something far beyond what people...

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