Episode 37: Showing up in the Moment with Marnie Barranco

Are you making life decisions based on what is right and wrong?


Listen to Brendon and guest, Marnie Barranco, discuss how choosing based on right and wrong can be hindering your life.

On today’s podcast:

  • Start trusting yourself
  • Get out of whether a choice is right or wrong
  • Choice is a gift we haven’t been taught to use
  • Stop putting choice on autopilot
  • You can’t trust yourself with judgement in place
  • Become aware of what you’re choosing

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Start trusting yourself

If you trust yourself, then you know that every choice you make is going to make something different.

There is no prediction of the future based on the past, there’s only prediction based on awareness. Realize that using the past in order to create your choices isn’t the only way to predict the future.

Once you know you have a choice, you can create something far beyond what people think you can create.

Get out of whether a choice is right or wrong

When there’s an elusiveness of the future and no predictability, it’s easy to go into thinking you should make the right choice so you can be sure you’re going where you need to go. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work.

Get out of making a choice because you think it’s right or wrong. Be willing to choose what’s best for you instead of making the choice that you believe will fix something. You must have awareness of what you’re choosing.

People create a filter system for choice so they won’t have to be aware of their decisions, but, if there was no right or wrong, how much freedom of choice would you have?

Choice is a gift we haven’t been taught to use

There’s always an invitation to choose something greater, but it is up to us to learn what it’s inviting us to.

Many try to figure out the last choice they need to make and work backwards. Doing this causes the future to slow down dynamically so that you’ll only choose based on certain decisions.

You need to choose then trust yourself that you’ll get awareness from that choice in order to make the next choice.

Stop putting choice on autopilot

To truly be present in your life is to be present in every single energy that shows up.

Many push making decisions to the side when it makes them uncomfortable and choose without thinking it through. Accepting that there is no right or wrong in choosing allows you to have total gratitude over everything. You won’t judge your decisions and can easily accept what is in life.

You can’t trust yourself with judgement in place

It’s not the choice that decays your future, it’s the judgement of the choice that decays your future.

From day one, we navigate ourselves based on who people tell us we are. We create images for ourselves and make choices behind it to validate what we’ve created. Because of this, it’s difficult to stray away from decisions that won’t help validate this image. This causes us to continuously lose ourselves to keep up the persona we’ve created.

There’s a whole different universe of choice if you’re not making decisions based on judgement.

Become aware of what you’re choosing

Everything in our lives that we acknowledge allows more doors to open up for us.

If judgement is a choice, so is gratitude. If you have gratitude for everything you know, you’re acknowledging your awareness which allows you to have more of it.

Find what gives you a sense of you. Rather than choosing to be less of yourself when making decisions, make choices that will allow you to be you.


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