Episode 15: Return of the Gentle-Man

What does it mean to be a gentleman? 

Today, Brendon is joined by Mark Kerr, Access Consciousness facilitator and Gents Club member. 

Listen to learn how to be a kindness and a gentle-man by being the best version of yourself and inviting others to do the same. 

On today’s podcast:

  • What is a gentleman?
  • A gentle-man
  • Having your own back
  • Stuck in the stereotype
  • Find something that inspires you


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What is a gentleman?

Many of us grow up with role models, mothers or fathers, other family members or people close to us, who weren’t the greatest examples for us. We may not have had someone to look up to and show us how to create cool stuff and have a fun life.

So we may go to a stereotype, and there are plenty of stereotypes about what a gentleman should be, whether that’s helping an elderly lady across the street or wearing a sharp suit.

But for Mark, a gentleman is someone who is the greatest example that they can be of themself whilst also being an invitation to others to be the same, and that can look like anything. 

A gentle-man

The typical stereotype of a “man” in many cultures is to be this tough guy who works hard and drinks beer and watches sports and doesn’t really talk about what’s going on in life, what’s going on at home, or if he does, it’s from a point of view of complaining, and not often spoken about in a productive way. 

But being a gentleman is also about being the kindness that you are. It’s about being a gentle-man. It’s letting others know you have their back. 

Being that kindness is such a gift to the world, not only for men, but for everyone. It’s an invitation to others to be that as well. 

Having your own back

But what about having your own back? So often it is so much easier for us to have our friends’ backs than it is to have our own back. 

It’s so easy to go into judgement of yourself, whether you’re a man or a woman. But what if that difference that you think is a wrongness about you is actually a strongness? 

Being kindness starts with being that kindness with yourself. You can’t be that invitation to others until you are with yourself. 

Stuck in the stereotype

There are so many people out there who know there is something different out there available, but they get stuck in the stereotypes or the roles in which they think they belong or that they have to function from. 

If you’ve got that willingness to be you, have joy, and have fun with your life, those are the people who are the invitation to others to do that also. It’s not about dressing well and speaking right. It’s about: Who do you want to be?

Start seeing the gift of you. Start enjoying your life more. A gentleman is the best version of himself, no matter what that is. 

Find something that inspires you

Stop looking at what you’ve been told that you need to be, and start looking at what you desire to be. 

What would you like your life to be like? Whatever is going on in your life right now, there’s not one choice you cannot make that can change it. 

Find something that inspires you. What one choice can you make today to change your life right now?


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