Episode 23: Let’s Cut to the Chase: Relationship/Single in Quarantine

What if you didn’t have a definition of what a relationship was supposed to be?

Brendon and Simone chat with Justine McKell about creating a relationship right now (or not). 

Listen to learn how you can get out of judgement and projection and into question to create the relationship you desire. 

On today’s podcast:

  • What have you decided you need a relationship for?
  • What would you like to choose?
  • Creating a relationship during quarantine
  • The energy that you’re seeking
  • What are you not being for yourself?
  • Getting space and making it about the other person


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What have you decided you need a relationship for?

So many people have decided they need a relationship for something. One of the questions that Brendon and Simone ask often in their Relationship...

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