Episode 35: Creating Beyond Relationship

What is creationship?

The world requires a different possibility with sex and relationship right now. Brendon and Simone talk about relationships and working on their second book together.

Listen to learn how to have a creationship that’s dynamic, phenomenal, and beyond anything you’ve ever been able to create before. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Creationship
  • Dynamic relationships
  • It’s not personal
  • Contribution
  • What is creationship for you?
  • Receiving


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A creationship is that place where two or more people can create something different beyond what you know. 

You only know what you’ve been and done before and what you’re choosing now. Do you notice when you allow somebody else to contribute to something, it expands? 

If you’re willing to be in that place of receiving everything that’s possible with whoever you’re extrapolating with, then everything exponentializes beyond your control, and what you end up creating is this space of possibilities. 

Dynamic relationships

A relationship is the distance between two things. You have a relationship with pretty much everything in your life. But what we do is try to maintain relationships by finding and establishing where that distance is based. 

How far away are we? How close are we? This is the way we maintain distance in our relationships. We focus on that relationship as the two people, or the two things, in it. 

And with that, what we tend to do is separate ourselves from everything around it so that we can keep that relationship. But with creationship you allow everything else to contribute to it as well. 

How can you create together and also include everything and everyone in that so you can actually have a bigger universe? This is the place dynamic relationships are created from. 

It’s not personal

When Brendon and Simone were in a relationship, they each knew that they were both changing dynamically and quickly, all the time. They honored each other for that. 

Change requires space so that you can readjust yourself to it. In order to have a creationship that works, you have to be willing to be aware of each other’s universe and be from the place of what can I contribute. 

And it’s not personal. Whatever is going on for the other person, it’s not personal. Honor each other and recognize when the other person needs space to adjust to change. 


Look at the two words: relationship and creationship. With a relationship, the key element is to relate. How do I relate to this person? 

With a creationship, the key element is to create. How do I create to this person? If you look at that you can see the disparity in the two. 

In one, you’re looking at how to keep a connection. With the other, you’re looking at how to contribute to each other and create together. They’re two completely different universes. 

What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries, and possibilities can I be to change this from a relationship to a creationship with total ease? And everything that doesn’t allow that, times a godzilliong, will you destroy and uncreate it? (TheClearingStatement.com)

What is creationship for you?

People create relationship because they think they can create this predictable life. They have this fixed point of view that if they’re in a relationship that means something. 

But how many of you are truly willing to explore creationship for you? It’s not based on anyone’s definition, and it’s not about finding out what this means and then choosing it or thinking you’re in the right box because you call it a creationship even though you’re still functioning as a relationship. What if you allowed yourself to discover what creationship is for you? 

When you create that relationship and that predictability, what you’re actually taking yourself away from is consciousness. You’re taking yourself away from your ability as an infinite being to perceive, know, be, and receive everything. You change what your future looks like when you attempt to create anything as predictable. 


Every single fixed point of view you come to disables your receiving of possibilities.The receiving ability we have available to us as beings is beyond definition. 

Then what is receiving? If you walk outside, what do you have to do to receive the breeze on your face? What do you have to do to receive the sun on your skin? What do you have to do to receive the sound of the birds chirping in the trees? 

Is there anything you have to do to receive? Or does that receiving come from your willingness to be and also to be present? It’s not what you do, it’s what you be. 

How many of you are trying to do relationship so you can get it right, rather than ask what you can be in creationship?


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