Episode 34: Every Choice You Make

How many of you are trying to make the right choice? 

In a Choice of Possibilities class, Brendon talks about creating into the future based on the choices you make now.

Listen to learn how you can get out of judgement, start choosing, and create something different in the world. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Creating your life
  • Change comes with choice
  • There’s nothing wrong with you
  • Every choice creates awareness
  • Creating beyond this reality


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Creating your life

Your choice in life creates everything. Everything that’s showing up in your life today, everything that you are today, is based on every choice that you ever made. 

When you realize that every single choice that you make creates your life, then you realize that you have total control of it, and you can create something different.

When you get that, you get a massive leap into what you can create into the future based on the choices that you make now. 

Change comes with choice

When you recognize you can create anything, you can change everything. 

Change comes with choice. Choice does not come from change. You have to be willing to make the choice first. 

We can create a change in the world by making different choices. How many of you actually see that you’d like to create something different in the world?

There’s nothing wrong with you

How many secrets do we keep from ourselves so that we don’t allow ourselves to change? You don’t have to keep them secret. 

What if there was nothing wrong with you? Never has been, never will be, nothing wrong with you. But how much have you spent your life feeling wrong? 

When we decide we’re wrong, when we make ourselves wrong, when we’ve been told we’re wrong, we have to start trying to figure out how to get all of our choices right, which is judgement, which gets us nowhere. 

Every choice creates awareness

You’re in a constant state of judgement before you’ll make any choice in life. Before you’ll choose, you’ll figure out if it will be the right choice, which eliminates 99.9% of your choices. 

You have to decide that you’re wrong to make the right choice, which gives you no awareness of what the choice actually creates. 

Every choice you make creates awareness if you’re willing to see it that way. How many of you are trying to make the right choice? 

What wrong choice could you make that would give you more awareness than the right choice you’re trying to make?

If you take the judgement out of it, if there’s no right and no wrong, there’s only choice, and the choice only creates, and you only get the awareness from the choice, then what would you create?

Creating beyond this reality

It’s not about fighting this reality, because that’s still doing judgement. That’s making this reality wrong and your reality right. You’re still trying to create a reality of yours that’s beyond this reality, within this reality, which doesn’t allow it to be beyond this reality.  

Do you actually desire to create your life based on judgement or would you rather create a reality beyond this reality where you actually have choice that nobody else has?

If you knew that you had choices available that nobody else had, what would you do?


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