Episode 27: What Is The Gift Of You That You Have Never Seen with Diva Diaz

What if you weren’t wrong?

Diva Diaz and Brendon talk about X-Men, those labeled with different disabilities such as ADHD and autism. 

Listen to learn how you can acknowledge a different possibility and the gift you are, and that you’re not a problem that needs to be fixed. 

On today’s podcast:

  • X-Men
  • Who does this belong to?
  • What is your knowing?
  • Interesting point of view
  • What’s the gift of you?


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Diva Diaz does a specialty class within Access Consciousness called X-Men. It’s about people who have been labeled with different disabilities from OCD to ADHD and autism and people who haven’t been labeled but maybe have some of those characteristics. 

Access Consciousness has a very different way of looking at these “disabilities” and labels. They don’t see any of it as wrong or as a problem to be fixed. 

Diva helps empower these people and gives them tools so they have a different possibility and can access their talents and abilities. 

Who does this belong to?

We think that everything we think is our own thoughts just because we hear it in our head and that everything we feel is our own feeling just because we can feel it. But what if it wasn’t yours? 

One of the foundational tools of Diva’s classes is the Access tool “Who does this belong to?” The way you use it is for every single thought, feeling, and emotion, ask “Who does this belong to?” 

And if it gets lighter at all, it’s not yours. If it gets heavier, then you’ve bought it as yours, so you just say POC and POD everywhere you’ve bought it as yours. (TheClearingStatement.com)

What is your knowing?

Right now on this planet, this is such a useful tool. How many of you don’t feel like you have a sense of future or a sense of self and are worried about finances, relationship, politics? 

But how much are you just aware of what’s going on in everybody else’s world? It doesn’t actually allow you to be in question with what’s true for you. To get to your knowing, you can’t have it filtered through other people’s knowings. 

We just assume it’s normal to worry, so we don’t even question if that worry belongs to us. We just instantly try to fix what the worry is about, rather than recognizing: What if you as a being, what if your inherent state isn’t that of worry and angst and depression and sadness and uncertainty? 

Interesting point of view

Another useful Access tool is called Interesting Point of View. For every point of view that comes up for you, you say “interesting point of view, I have this point of view.”

Isn’t it interesting that we think our points of view are even real? And we forget that we’ve chosen to have them. At some point, we didn’t have that point of view, and then we chose it. 

How easy is it actually to choose something different rather than rummaging through what we’ve decided is wrong that we need to change? 

Just like the name of this podcast, you’re just one choice from change. What if it’s way easier than you imagined? 

What’s the gift of you?

When someone projects at you so dynamically that there’s something wrong with you, you buy the projection as what’s true for you. If everyone tells you there’s something wrong with you, there must be something wrong with you. 

With people who have been labeled with things like autism or ADHD, they’ve been projected at constantly that there’s something wrong with them. 

But what’s the gift of you that you’ve never seen? Most of us feel like we need to find what’s wrong with us before we can get to anything that could be a gift, but you have to ask for the gift of you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you. 

It’s a different world when you function from that place.


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