Episode 14: A Wealthy Choice

Do you desire more? 

Dr. David Kubes joins Brendon Watt as they talk about their background and experience with wealth and money 

Listen to learn how David and Brendon changed things around and created wealth in their lives, and how you can create something different with money if you want to. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Not from an energy of lack
  • The biggest lie is: You can’t have it
  • Desire for more
  • Start small 
  • The willingness to be judged as rich
  • You are responsible for your life


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Not from an energy of lack

Dr. David Kubes and Brendon Watt both have low income backgrounds, and they both have changed it around and created wealth in their lives. 

David grew up in Vienna in a neighborhood with a mix of social classes, so he was surrounded by wealth, but he was part of the poor population. Instead of going into the wrongness and the lack, he felt inspired by it.

This is where his desire for more came from. He never had the energy of lack, and that was something that made it fun to create rather than frustrating to not have it. 

The biggest lie is: You can’t have it

Brendon had a similar background to David. He grew up with nothing. 

But Brendon didn’t see the wealth to say that’s what he wanted. Rather, all he could see was the poverty, and he said, I’m not having this. 

The biggest lie is: You can’t have it. If you want it, you can have it. You just have to really want it. There’s always a way for you to get it. 

Desire for more

The desire for more is the beginning of creating anything. If you desire to have more, just ask for it. This isn’t just for money. This holds true with anything. 

When most people look at their income, all they look at is the money. But what if you looked at the everyday pleasure? Pleasure with money, pleasure with traveling, pleasure with eating. It’s not only money, there’s way more available. 

If you limit your return on investment with money, you’re leaving out so much and cutting out receiving. 

Start small 

Where do you start with getting out of the poor mindset? David started charging small amounts of money for things he did for others. He started small. It keeps growing. The moment you’re willing to take that first step, it will take you further. 

The more you’re out there, the more you’re engaging with others, the more you will create. He started walking a dog for 2 euros. He made 4 euros a day. Does that take you out of poverty? No. But where did that position take him?

Every choice you make now brings more choices and starts creating your future based on the energy you’re willing to have. Now David charges 800 euro an hour for his work. 

The willingness to be judged as rich

Are you afraid of being judged as rich? How much are you limiting yourself based on the judgement of what it is to be rich?

The people who desire something different in the world are the ones who ask for it and are willing to change in order to ask for it. 

The more money you make, the more people will judge you for it, because they want what you have, but they aren’t willing to choose it, ask for it, and do what is required. 

Do you want to live according to the judgements of others, or do you want to live the life you truly desire? 

You are responsible for your life

Whose reality are you defending that keeps you from seeing what choices you could make and what questions you could ask to create your reality? And everything that is, times a godzillion, will you destroy and uncreate it? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. (TheClearingStatement.com)

You are responsible for your life. Your choice creates your life. You can’t cause damage by choosing for yourself. 

Look at your life, look at your situation, and ask yourself, what choice could you make and what action could you take to change it? 

It starts with one tiny action. Start with one little thing and see where it takes you. Give yourself time and space and allow yourself joy and fun to create.


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