Episode 1: There Is More Than One Way To Choose

What if you were just one choice from change?

On the first episode of Brendon’s new podcast, he chats with Diva Diaz, Sarah Watt, Susanna Mittermaier, David Kubes, and Simone Milasas about choice, how it’s worked for them, and how they’ve used it to create something different in their lives. 

Listen to learn how you can have fun choosing and creating something different in your life.

On today’s podcast:

  • One choice from change
  • Choice is easy
  • Change does not come without choice
  • Making a choice is taking action
  • Choosing what’s light and expansive
  • Start creating your life based on who you can choose to be right now


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One choice from change

The name for this podcast came about when Brendon was asked to come up with a tagline for a Choice of Possibilities class he was facilitating through Access Consciousness. 

He had come to the awareness that his life wasn’t created based on everything that had happened to him, but rather that his life was created through every choice he had made. 

When he realized that his choices were creating his life, he asked, “What choice could I make now that would start changing my life in a different direction?” That’s when he realized he was just one choice from change. 

Choice is easy

You make choices every day. Every time you stand up, you make a choice. So if it’s that easy, why does it seem so difficult at times? 

That’s where you’ve got to look at what your choice creates, and that’s where the ‘one choice from change’ comes in. What is one choice in this moment you can make that would create a different future for you? 

People often get stuck here because they think now they’ve got to look for that ONE choice. But it’s not about one choice to rule them all. It’s not about one choice to figure out your whole life. 

Change does not come without choice

So many people say they want to change, but they refuse to make a different choice. Some people go their whole lives wishing things would change and wondering why nothing changes. 

But change does not come without choice, ever. Have you actually recognized that you need to make a different choice if you want something to change?

If there’s something in your life you desire to change right now, whatever that is, ask yourself, what one choice could I make today that would change the direction of where I’m heading? 

Making a choice is taking action

Take an action and see where it takes you. And if you don’t like it, well, then change it again. 

Choice is not always comfortable, but that’s okay. It’s not about the right choice and it’s not about the ONE choice.  

You can always make another choice, take a different action, and change it again. 

One choice from change is about changing the direction of where you’ve decided you’re heading into a different direction so you can create something different in your future. 

Choosing what’s light and expansive 

So often we choose based on others. What would my mom think of this? What would my friends say? What would this person’s attitude be? What would this make me in society if I chose this? 

But what if your choices weren’t always in reference to other people or how they would see you or whether the choice was ‘good’ or ‘bad?’ 

What if you didn’t overthink it? What if you started choosing based on what was light and expansive for you? 

Start creating your life based on who you can choose to be right now

Start looking backwards into your life and start looking at the things that occured and look at the choice that you made that created that. You will begin to see how your choices have created your life. 

But don’t make your past more relevant than your future. There’s one thing you really can’t change, and that’s the past. But you can change your point of view about your past and close that door and see what you can do different now and make new choices. 

So many people make themselves wrong for their past choices. But you can start creating your life based on who you can choose to be right now, not who you were yesterday. 

You’re just one choice from change. What will you start creating different in your life?


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