Episode 3: Friendship with Simone Milasas

What if today you started creating a friendship with yourself?

Simone Milasas joins Brendon today to talk about friendships. 

Listen to learn how you can create a friendship beyond this reality by getting out of judgements and expectations, choosing to be kind to yourself first, and not giving up any of yourself just to keep someone in your life. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Expectations in friendship
  • How to create something different with your friendships
  • Friendship shouldn’t be hard work
  • Friendship is not about cutting yourself off
  • Being your own friend


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Expectations in friendship

Brendon and Simone were in a relationship together for 8 years. About a year ago they broke up the relationship, and now they have a phenomenal friendship. 

The way the world does friendship is that there are all of these unwritten expectations when you are labeled as a “friend.” There’s the expectation that friends will treat you nicely and always align and agree with your point of view. 

Brendon and Simone’s friendship is not defined. They do not create their friendship with the projections and expectations of the friendships of this reality. Every day they keep discovering more and more about what they can be for each other. 

How to create something different with your friendships

Brendon and Simone co-wrote the book Relationship: Are you sure you want one? (which they finished just before breaking up their own relationship), and one of the things they talk about in that book are the five elements of intimacy. 

These are: honor, trust, vulnerability, gratitude, and allowance. These five elements are equally important in friendship as they are in relationship. If you can have these first with yourself, then you can start creating friendships and have them with others also. 

So many people make friendship a necessity, but friendship should not be a necessity. If you have those five elements of intimacy with yourself, you don’t need friendship. 

Friendship shouldn’t be hard work

The word friendship has so much judgement to it. This reality creates so much stigma around what it is to be a friend that it feels like hard work. Friendship shouldn’t be hard work. 

There are so many things this reality says you must do to be a good friend, but it’s not necessary. It’s about knowing energetically that there are people you can call upon and who are there for you. 

There’s a level of connection and engagement; it’s not about the necessity of what you need to be for each other, you just be. When you know somebody has your back and will be honest with you, that’s true friendship. 

Friendship is not about cutting yourself off

People throw around the word love in relationships and friendships alike. In Access Consciousness, they talk about love being the acronym for Lower Oscillating Vibrational Equivalence. 

So many times when you say you love someone you feel like you have to shrink into their world. It’s the same with friendships. 

But what if you just had gratitude for the person? There’s a level of gratitude that you will never have to give up any of yourself and never cut off anything from yourself. 

How many areas are you changing in order to keep the friendship in your life, which you don’t need to change in order to keep the friendship in your life, you just need to actually choose to be you? And everything that that is, will you destroy and uncreate it? Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. (TheClearingStatement.com)

Being your own friend

What if today you started creating a friendship with yourself? If you can have a great relationship with yourself, you will not put up with bad ones and you will always look to create great ones with others. 

How would you treat yourself if you were being friends with you? You invite others to treat you the way you treat yourself. 

Enjoy you, enjoy your body, and enjoy the people that come into your life and don’t judge you. It really starts with a relationship with yourself and being kind to yourself. 

How many of you surround yourselves by people who continuously encourage you to do and be everything that you want? Friends should be happy when you choose joy and when you choose more. They should not ever desire you to choose something less than. 

Don’t ever give up on yourself just to keep someone else in your life.


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