Episode 31: Choice of Possibilities with Grace Douglas

What choices could you make today that you haven’t been willing to make before? 

Grace Douglas and Brendon talk about showing up and choosing. 

Listen to learn how to have infinite choice and live your future in every moment. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Total choice
  • Start with question
  • What will this choice create?
  • Willing to choose
  • Just show up
  • Your choices are unfolding your future


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Total choice

So many people right now are looking backwards in order to see how they can choose their future. Usually when we look to the past, it’s easy to choose. We have this menu that we can choose from. 

We see the right choices and the wrong choices, but without that in place, when you actually have to choose in every moment, it takes away that predictable reality, and that’s the thing that most people have stayed so comfortable in their lives with. 

Most of us spend our lives trying to plan our futures thinking if we can plan it, we can get it right, and then we can predict it, so now we know how to choose, but that just eliminates choice. 

We can create a world now that works for us. We have total choice. 

Start with question

It takes courage and also it takes the absolute demand to get out of judgement of yourself. You cannot have infinite choice with judgement. They don’t work together. 

As soon as you go into judgement for any choice that you make, you’ve just created your future based on what this reality tells you you can’t have, not based on possibilities. 

In Access Consciousness we talk about the four elements of creation: question, choice, possibilities, and contribution. In order to get to choice, we have to start with question. 

When we’re doing judgment we don’t start with a question, or the question is: How do I figure this out so I can get this right and then choose it? Or, you have a conclusion with a question mark at the end. That’s not a question. 

What will this choice create?

You’ve got to look at it from the place of: what will this choice create? What many of us do in our lives is say, “I want this, now how do I make the choices to get that?” When you do that, you’ve just created, once again, that predictable future, which eliminates all possibilities. 

It creates a limitation to what you can actually create when you have an objective of what it’s going to be. 

Most people have these primary objectives in their life. When we have these objectives, we have to create every choice we have based on reference points. We must judge every choice to make sure we get that objective, which, once again, eliminates possibilities. 

Willing to choose

Today is not yesterday. Every moment, and especially right now, every choice can create a possibility if you’re willing to choose. 

Notice in your life when you’ve been willing to be the space of you. Every single choice you make just gives you more of you, because you’re willing to be that space when you choose it. 

Notice the times in your life when you hate your life and you’re not being you. Every choice that you make creates more of that. 

It’s the space that we are when we make the choice that also contributes to what the choice creates. What if you could just be more happy? 

Just show up

Wherever you’re at in your life today, no matter how wrong you think you are, you’re not. If you could change anything today and choose anything today, what could you choose to change this? What choices could you make today that you haven’t been willing to make before? 

You are the only thing in your life that can change it, nothing else can. What if you were just willing to show up? What if you didn’t have to figure your life out anymore? 

When you show up, you know what to choose in that moment, and your life gets greater. 

Your choices are unfolding your future

What if you started allowing the universe to start contributing to you? It’s a lot easier than you think. Just make the one choice and then see what happens. 

Once you recognize that your choices are unfolding your future, that you’re living your future in every moment, then how much could you change in one day if you just showed up and didn’t have to figure that day out? 

You always have a different choice.


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